The technologies being developed at Antigen Express are applicable for either antigen-specific immune stimulation or suppression, depending upon the dosing and formulation of its products. Using active stimulation, we are focusing on major diseases such as breast and prostate cancer, H5 avian influenza and HIV. A peptide immunotherapeutic for patients with HER-2/neu positive breast cancer is currently in Phase I clinical trials. Autoimmune disease such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis and allergic asthma are the focus of our antigen-specific immune suppression work. At this time, the following diagnostic and therapeutic objectives are being pursued, to varying degrees of completion:

MHC class II epitope-targeted uses, with Ii-key/MHC class II-epitope hybrids

  • Vaccines for infectious diseases: H5 Influenza; HIV; and vaccinia (smallpox)
  • Cancer vaccines: HER-2/neu expressing tumors (Phase I trials); melanoma
  • Diagnostics for: pre-Type I Diabetes Mellitus; SARS; RSV
  • Enhancement of epitope discovery

Ii suppression by reverse gene constructs and RNA

  • Intratumor vaccine; acute myelogenous leukemia
  • Augmentation of DNA vaccines for cancer and infectious disease