Antigen Express is a platform and product-based company developing proprietary vaccine formulations for large, unmet medical needs. Our focus is on stimulating critical members of the immune response, known as T helper cells.

The technology allows for antigen-specific stimulation or suppression of a T-helper response to virtually any antigen of known pathogenic potential. Consequential, Antigen Express is building a deep pipeline of therapeutics aimed at a variety of major diseases, including cancer, infectious diseases and autoimmune-based syndromes.

Antigen Express therapies are based on highly selective modulation of the immune response, in contrast to most current immunomodulation strategies that are in general non-specific. This lack of specificity is the prime source for unwanted side effects. The therapies developed at Antigen Express intervene at the critical stage of antigen presentation to modulate the immune response. This targeted approach results in a potent up or down regulation of critical members of the immune system.

The technologies developed at Antigen Express are novel and highly complementary to existing approaches of immune modification. Therefore, the company is uniquely positioned to develop partnerships where Antigen Express technology enhances or augments the corporate partners’ technology or product portfolios.